Wiem, postmodernizm przeminął, ale skoro wciąż jesteśmy jakieś dwie dekady do tyłu w porównaniu do zachodniej myśli humanistycznej, to nie ma co się krępować.


„For example, let’s imagine you want to say something like „We should listen to the views of people outside of Western society in order to learn about the cultural biases that affect us”. This is honest but dull. Take the word „views”. Postmodern speak would change that to „voices” or better „vocalities” or even better, „multivocalities”. Add an adjective like „intertextual” and you’re covered. „People outside” is also too plain. How about „postcolonial others„?


To speak postmodern properly one must master a bevy of biases besides the familiar racism, sexism, ageism, etc.  For example, „phallogocentrism” (male-centredness combined with rationalistic forms of binary logic). Finally, „affect us” sounds like plain pajamas. Use more obscure verbs and phrases, like „mediate our identities”.


So the final statement should say „We should listen to the intertextual multivocalities of postcolonial others outside Western culture in order to learn about phallogocentric biases that mediate our identities”. Now you’re talking postmodern!


Fragment artykułu Stephena Katza. Całość znajdziecie tutaj.